Concussion Awareness

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Center for Concussion Management at the University of Kansas Hosipital

A bump on the head is serious business. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to getting back to a normal life. And while you may have been led to believe that only an athlete can suffer a concussion, the truth is anyone can. If you’ve hit your head in a fall or been in a car accident – or any number of other accidents – you might be suffering from a concussion or brain injury.

Doctors at The University of Kansas Hospital treat mild to severe concussions in adults and young people – not just athletes. They assess symptoms to make sure the care given helps your brain heal so memory and cognitive functioning are fully restored and the chances of a second concussion are minimal.

The Center for Concussion Management is innovative in the field of concussion research and treatment. The care team is led by four physicians from different specialties and a patient navigator. They are supported by nurses and other caregivers at the hospital, and a research component involves staff at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

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Protecting Youth Football Players from Concussion within the Missouri Wolverines Youth Football and Cheerleading Club in Kansas City Missouri